Monday, March 30, 2015

Reinterpreting Existing Art Through New Media

Experiencing & Reinterpreting Existing Art Through New Media

Computers and modern technology such as iPads and tablets allow us to experience already existing art in a new way. The way we look at art changes our experience: We can use a controller to zoom in, to interact with the piece. If we are using tablets we can even -though indirectly- touch the piece. 
Modern technology such as different analysis tools can give us new ways of experiencing art:
The website “Closer To Van Eyck” ( ) for example allows us to look at Van Eyck’s altarpiece in greater detail than ever. We look at the piece using X-Ray and Infrared.
The google art project is another example, that offers HD zoom into pieces. We can look at a piece in greater detail than we could when we were standing in front of it.
So through New Media, we gain a new insight into the piece. However, we stay detached from the physical piece. New Media doesn’t replace seeing the actual work of art. It merely offers a new, interesting perspective. 
I don’t believe ways of experience art through New Media can replace a museum visit, but they offer us an additional tool.

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