Monday, March 30, 2015

Interactive Music Systems

The topic I choose to talk about was interactive music systems. Though mostly found in video games, they can be utilized in a number of different situations such as art exhibitions or amusement park attractions. In most of these situations, you don't interact with the audio directly; it responds to how you interact with something else (a screen, object, button). These interactions will then generally send information to a computer that will interpret the data and use the system the artist created to play back music or sound. This is commonly done using either micro-controllers or a more complex middleware engine, that allows the artist to take a more musical approach. These systems have been developing since the days of pinball and early arcade games, as creators try to reach all senses of the interactee. The peak of this type of new media art has definitely not been reached yet. Modern software like melodyne is paving the road forward for interactive systems, potentially giving artists more ways to work with sound than ever before.

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